Data Flux Systems Inc

Data Flux Systems Inc. provides innovative, low cost, low power, portable high end computing (HEC) solutions for scientific and biological simulations, machine vision, avionics, industrial process controls, medical electronics, protein folding, drug discovery, and mission critical applications.

January 20, 2020


Selected recent talks

  • Konkuk Univ., CS Dept., Seoul, Korea. Workshop. June 13, 2005, Parallel and Distributed Real-time System (DRTS) Design for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • HyperComp Inc., Malibu, CA, Seminar, May 26, 2005, Scalable Computing Fabric for High end computing
  • KAIST, Robotics Group, Daejong, Korea, Seminar, May 19, 2005, Grand Challenges for computer Science DARPA Grandchallenge Robitics Race 2005
  • Yonsei Univ., CS Dept. Seoul, Korea, Seminar, April 29, 2005, Telescoping Languages Approach to Compilers for Scalable Computing Fabric
  • Konkuk Univ., CS Dept. Seminar, April 21, 2005, Grand Challenges for CS
  • UCI Workshop, Jeju, Korea, March 30, 2005, Universal Telecommunication Oriented Personal Information Access (UTOPIA) - An Intl. IT Collaboration Project Proposal
  • Yonsei Univ., Wonju Campus, Korea, Computer Engineering Dept. Seminar, March 24, 2005, Smart Devices for Rural E-commerce
  • E-biz 2000 International Conference, Seoul, Korea March 23, 2005, Rural E-commerce: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Yonsei Univ., Processor Research Group, Seminar, Feb. 18, 2005, Parallel Embedded System Design Technology
  • Nean 2005 Intl. Conference, Seoul, Feb. 5, 2005, Regional Co-operation in NEA for Enabling UTOPIA
  • IIT Bombay, Dec. 27, 2004, Grand Challenges for CS DARPA AGV Race
  • Yonsei Univ., Nov. 3, 2004, Stream Processing for Video, Graphics, and Imaging Systems
  • Samsung, Telecommunications and Networks Div., SOC Seminar, Suwon, Kiorea, Oct. 28, 2004, Rapid Design of SoC and SoP
  • Yonsei Univ., 3D Graphics Group, Seminar, Sept. 22, 2004, Parallel Embeddable System Design Technology