Data Flux Systems Inc

Data Flux Systems Inc. provides innovative, low cost, low power, portable high end computing (HEC) solutions for scientific and biological simulations, machine vision, avionics, industrial process controls, medical electronics, protein folding, drug discovery, and mission critical applications.

January 20, 2020


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High End Custom Computing Application Solutions

  • Digital array radar
  • Hyperspectral image processing
  • Real-time Software Defined Radio (SDR) Communication Platform
  • Vision processing for autonomous vehicles
  • New fold generation in protein folding
  • Organ simulation (heart, cochlea, etc)
  • Noise simulation in automotive cabins
  • Wireless distributed sensor networks testbed

Design flow automation & integration

  • Automatic RTL-level HDL generation from system level input descriptions
  • Semi-automated ASIC design & verification flow
  • Custom design flow targeting FPGA-based hardware prototyping, emulation, and acceleration