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Data Flux Systems Inc. provides innovative, low cost, low power, portable high end computing (HEC) solutions for scientific and biological simulations, machine vision, avionics, industrial process controls, medical electronics, protein folding, drug discovery, and mission critical applications.

January 18, 2020


Dr. V.P. Srini, Executive Director, Data Flux Systems Inc.


Dr. Srini is a researcher and teacher of computer architecture. His primary interest is High End Computing (HEC) system design for real-time processing, simulation, and visualization. Other interests are in VLSI implementation and FPGA based verification using Spatial Direct-Mapped (SDM) design methodology for low-power and low-weight and distributed real-time system (DRTS) design and implementation.

Application domains pursued by him include autonomous vehicles (AGVs and UAVs), radar processing (digital array radar frontend, LADAR/Lidar), image processing (3D image processing and 3D image construction, hyperspectral imaging), protein folding, and multimedia communication.

He is also investigating architecture design, simulation, and implementation using reconfigurable parallel vector and stream processors and MIMD model of computation;
library compiler design and optimizations for the above architectures and domains using languages such as Fortran90/95, Matlab, Java, and Cg.
Another area of interest of his is system on a chip (SOC) design and implementation using a four level (system, architecture, component, and physical) methodology for the direct mapping of an application to multiple processors on a chip.

Dr. Srini was on the Computer Science Dept. faculty at some of the leading U.S. universities, including UC Berkeley. He is the Executive Director of Data Flux Systems Inc.

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Mila Bohanec, Contractor and Business Manager, Data Flux Systems Inc.

Ashwin Bala, Lead Programer, Data Flux Systems Inc.