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Visualization on MPPA Chip Based Clusters and Smart Mobile Devices

June 2005:

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Welcome to Dataflux Systems Inc.

Data Flux Systems Inc. provides innovative, low cost, low power, portable high end computing (HEC) solutions for mobile devices, scientific and biological simulations, machine vision, avionics, industrial process controls, medical electronics, drug discovery, and mission critical applications. Our Spatial Direct-Mapped (SDM) design and verification environment enables the users to automatically compile high-level application descriptions using libraries specified in MathWorks™ Matlab/Simulink, Fortran90, C, or Java to Scalable Computing Fabric (SCF) or MPPA (massively parallel processor array) chips.

SDM enables the user to easily exploit, leverage, and manage the complete top-down design process while achieving the maximum computation performance and efficiency. With our SCF, real-time hardware emulation and design verification is seamlessly integrated throughout the whole design flow on various abstraction levels. This enables complete system prototyping under target operation conditions early on in the design process with little user intervention.

As a result, engineering development costs are a fraction of the traditional approach to ASIC design. Time to market can be reduced to 6-9 months, instead of the typical 18-24 months.